Tuesday, October 9, 2012


West busy in learning Islam from Sufis....

Aslam o alaikum....

Alhamdulillah, its Allah lord of the worlds, day-night, male-female, white-black, dead-alive, good-bad and of believers and disbelievers. Its He who made me come to Europe on September 27, 2012 and still making me travelling within Europe  To be a Sufi or to be a  lover of Sufis, the person must travel as its one of the key element or quality in Sufis and it comes from Jesus (p.b.u.h), who use to travel on earth by the order of Almighty Allah.

As being in the company of my Sheikh/Pir/Spiritual mentor and in the company of the other masters who gave me knowledge in some ways, i realized that travelling opens the mind and give you a broad spectrum to see and feel the world and the creations of our Lord.

Not only you see you admire that what all Allah has created has its on importance in that Land, area, atmosphere or region.In Europe the weather is cold most of the time and windy as well. I found weather similar though in some parts it rains also in September-October.

While Travelling to Europe i have attended 1 Sufi Night in Bo zar Music center in Belgium on 29 September  i was lucky someone bought the tickets for me and took me there. As the time came for Sufi concert to start, i realized that among Muslims like-Morocco'n, Turkish, Egyptian, Indonesians and me exception being Indian, there were Europeans both white and white (Though i m not racist but explaining). Though there was 10 mins to start, it came to my mind that there are Muslims from different backgrounds and cultures because there regional or linguistic Musicians will be performing and it will be easy for a certain group of people to understand what they read or say. Though it was clear why they all are performing tonight, but the question was are these Belgian and other Europeans are here for enjoyment, time pass or to know the cultural diversity in Islam though the essence of Islam remains same that Allah in one and only.

Being in the first row, i can see the performers quite closely and when i turn back, i can see the whole arena from ground floor to third floor pack with people.

As first performance started of Indonesian singers they read Hamd (In Praise of Allah), then Naat (In praise of Muhammad s.w.a) and then about love and human values. People started to feel as i can see the smiles on the faces and claps in the air. Soon Turkish performers came on the stage and performed the famous "Whirling dervish dance" and that performance took 1 hour 30 minutes and it took almost everyone in trans and all claps were silent. As the dervishes were whirling, i could notice many of the European and Muslims started moving there heads and making half circles with it. Soon i realized that those who know it what they are singing and performing, makes a great sense but what about those who don't know even what word means what and which action represents a highest level of respect?? As the performance got over it was as soothing as someone has made everyone drink the divine love alcohol. Most of them remained calm in the first few seconds and then suddenly the sound of claps raised high.

One after the other performances has started so, it was the time of Morocco musicians and but this time people were loud by the half performance and many morocco Muslims were singing along the singers and even a singer got up while singing bowed to the elderly person in the group and started to do sufi dance of morocco and the way they feel the divine love of Allah and Prophet Muhammad s.w.a. By the end of the Morocco musicians performances the whole arena was singing except non-morocco'n people. but everyone was on his chair firm to here and watch more. Lastly, Egyptians came and they also performed in the same format but it was a big group and has a female singer as well, though the announcer has already said the woman in the group was exception as women are not allowed to do open Zikr and singing with loud voice. As people started to here the performance, it took them deep in love for Sufis and Islam. the European people were calm and yet looking for more divine drink. The faces was noticeable as they don't understand the language but music was giving them peace internally and externally, which was noticeable. As if the night will pass and people will be seated and looking for more Sufi performances. It was 11:15 pm time has extended a little but no one has thinking of time.As the last performance got over. People remained calmed on the seats and i was noticing Europeans specially, i felt as if they have given time to learn the soft side or the Sufi side of Islam.

Today, when we don't have time for breakfast in the morning, time for relatives, family and to complete daily work, Europeans with the barrier of language gave their time from 6:00 pm till 11:15 pm. i was wondering, are these Europeans don't value there time?? suddenly i heard a couple saying "it was beautiful learning Islam in this way". I was lucky they spoken in English yet felt relieved as my own question of mind got the best answer of the world.

Your Duago:
S.Ajmal Nizami

Sunday, February 5, 2012


اَلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَا تُهُ
Peace and Blessings unto all of you.

In the Name of ALLAH, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful .

The Green Color in The Quran

The word Greenness is mentioned several times in the verses of the Holy Quran; describing the state of the inhabitants of Paradise, and what surrounds them of blessings in a luxury atmosphere of Happiness, Amusement and Reassurance.

For instance :

ALLAH says in the Quran : (Reclining on Green Cushions and Rich Carpets of Beauty) (Surah Al Rahman:76)

( Upon them will be Green Garments of Fine Silk and Heavy Brocade, and they will be adorned with Bracelets of Silver; and their Lord will give to them to drink of a Wine Pure and Holy) - (Surah Al Insan:21)

(They will recline on Carpets, whose inner linings will be of Rich Brocade: the Fruit of the Gardens will be near and easy of reach) - (Surah Al Rahman:54)
A psychologist called Ardtcham stated that colours exert a marked influence on humans. In order to prove this idea a number of experiments have been conducted, demonstrating how Colors Affect our Enthusiasm and Wariness, it also gives a Cold or Warm Feeling, brings Happiness and Sadness and have an impact on our personality and the way we see Life.

Nowadays hospitals weigh up the role colours play in changing the inner of human beings, by taking into account the specialists suggestions about the colours that should be used inside hospitals for the walls and clothing.
Trials have indicated the stimulation of the nervous system by the yellow colour.

The orange brings reassurance and calm, The blue makes people feel cold unlike the red which makes them feel warm. However, it was found that the Colour of Joy and Happiness is the Green, which makes it the Favorite Colour for surgical rooms and surgeon’s uniform.

It is known that the Green Color eases the vision due to its small vision area in addition to its medium wave length which is shorter than the red one and longer that the blue one.
The Color of Islam is Green after all.

S.Ajmal Nizami